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The Office of Dr. Jim Baroffio, PC & Associate​s

Our Services - We provide evaluation, treatment, consultative, and court-related services, as well as educational programs, and parent-child supervision/monitoring.

  • Our answer to the COVID-19 crisis is our new "Front Line" Response program - offering free initial appointments, discounted sessions, and workbook materials for all first-responders and other "front line" workers during the pandemic. This program, developed by Ms. Angie Baroffio-Coombs in consultation with Dr. Baroffio, aims to provide preventative, acute, and long-term comprehensive care, integrating Stress Inoculation Therapy and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to address the unique issues these workers now face.
  • Our ARIcp program, designed by Dr. Baroffio, is specifically for individuals who are involved with departments of human services (child protective services).  This is an empirically validated program utilizing proven methods, developed to assist individuals adapt to human services involvement, and address the child protection concerns, by emphasizing transparency of interventions and the development of psychological health behaviors.
  • Our ARIdr program, designed by Dr. Baroffio and Mr. Kravec, was developed to assist families involved in post-divorce, collaborative parenting conflicts.  We utilize a team approach, in which parents/caregivers, and children as indicated, are educated and coached in the utilization of skills and resources known to be effective in collaborative parenting, and managing court involvement.  We take the approach that as with child protection oriented matters, the focus must be on the health and welfare of children, that traditional methods of mental health treatment are often of limited utility in such matters, and that parents and children can learn to be effective in their changing family system, bu understanding what the clinical literature has established/determined as healthy/effective living after divorce.  This model utilizes educational programming with respect to divorce and collaborative parenting, for parents and children, and as indicated, psychotherapeutic methods, along with case-management.
  • Our ARIpr program is specifically designed to treat, educate and train individuals involved with probation.  This model utilizes educational and a broad array of treatment services.
  • We offer individual, marital/conjoint and family psychotherapy, as well as stress-inoculation training, self-regulation training, parenting classes, in-vivo parent education, anger/stress/parenting education, and consultation/coaching with regard to conflict resolution.  
  • Dr. Baroffio provides various forms of psychological consultation and evaluation, utilizing a client/context-driven approach, focused on practical recommendations.  Cognitive, personality, developmental, behavioral and adaptive assessment services are available.
  • We offer general psychotherapy services, for children, teens and adults.  We offer comprehensive psychological assessments, mental health screenings, parent-child evaluations and family-system evaluations.
  • Therapeutic and supervised parenting time and classes with an emphasis on child protection and welfare
  • Substance abuse/misuse evaluation and treatment

All of our services are predicated on full transparency, from our comprehensive/detailed disclosures, to our use of literature/handouts, as we embrace the idea that an informed consumer tends to be more successful.  We tend to utilize time-limited services, in order to focus intervention into manageable elements of directed focus, and we emphasize the importance of accountability for all our clients/patients.