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Our COVID-19 "Front Line" Response program offers free initial appointments, discounted sessions, and workbook materials for all first-responders and other "front line" workers during the pandemic. This program, developed by Ms. Angie Baroffio-Coombs in consultation with Dr. Baroffio, aims to provide preventative, acute, and long-term comprehensive care, integrating Stress Inoculation Therapy and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to address the unique issues these workers now face.

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For Clients:

As a client, you'll receive therapy that combines elements of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy with Stress Inoculation training to ensure that you are prepared to meet the new challenges you'll face in times of international crisis and disaster.

Your provider will help you develop and build the coping skill sets you'll need to take the best care of yourself possible when self-care and your own mental health are sidelined.

Our goals are to mitigate existing mental health concerns, minimize worker burnout and stress, and prevent new problems from arising.

Workbooks and other materials will help you maintain your mental health through this crisis and well into the future.

For Providers:

This program will provide training for providers in Stress Inoculation Training and how to integrate this approach with CBT.

Learn to identify the unique barriers to treatment faced by first-responders and other front line workers, and how to structure treatment to maximize effectiveness of preventative and long-term treatment.

You'll receive workbooks for this specialized patient group, along with materials to apply this program to non-front line workers during times of crisis and emergency.